services for our owners



CORE are the basic features included in your free club membership - see the “pricing” page for details. Use what you need and when you need MORE it’s always there for you.

  • 24 Hour Maintenance Peace of Mind*
  • Owner and Tenant Portals
  • Review and Approve Maintenance Requests
  • One-Time Payment Requests (Move-in Costs, Deposits, Utilities, etc.)
  • Online Rent Collection
  • Automatic Late Fees
  • Direct Deposit of Income
  • Recurring Rent Payments
  • Roommate Rent Splits
  • Payment History Tracking
  • Property Expenses Tracking & Organization
  • Archive of Important Documents

if you would like to initiate the 24 Maintenance Hotline and enable Emergency Response, there is a one-time set-up deposit, graduated based on the number of units and properties. Issues that will cause future damage to your property? As they say: Blood, Flood, Fire and extreme HVAC situations. Non-emergencies will be graciously noted in the account for your later review


Things happen though - it’s not always smooth sailing. But you’re not alone anymore. Through the app, you can find contractors for the specific repair or improvement. Such as:

  • Unit Turnover upon move-out

(Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, includes documenting deduction from tenant security deposit)

  • Restoring Property After Damage from Tenant

(Of course, tenant will be responsible for the cost).

  • Property Depreciation and Wear & Tear Response

(Sometimes things just happen...)

  • Landscaping & Premises Beautification

(Or maybe you're just on vacation for a week)

  • Leaf & Snow Removal

(Not like it snows very much in St. Louis, except maybe this year...)

  • Property Upgrade and Value-Adds

(Who knows, maybe there is more potential in your property)

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