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frequently asked questions

+ Really really always free?

Yes, there are no hidden monthly fees for using the platform. Using it a little or using it a lot results in the same monthly cost...$0

+ What about the 24 Hour Maintenance Hotline

Great question. We do require a one-time "deposit" to initiate the 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance Hotline. But you can earn this back over time. That deposit is calculated based on how many units you want to register for the Hotline and how many properties they are spread over. But other than that, it's free. Ask your agent for an estimate.

+ How does DOOR make money??

Another great question. DOOR isn't a non-profit although we do love non-profits! As the Club crowdsources contractors and other service providers, Club Members can submit bid requests to a handful of providers. Contractors' time is better spent making repairs on your properties than trying to market their services all over town to landlords who only need them every once in awhile.

Therefore, Contractors pay a small commission if they win a bid and obviously, complete the project. This has the dual effect of helping keep their estimates reasonable and those fees help pay for the Club services for our Owners. It's what we call a win-win!

+ What about my Tenants?

The DOOR Tenant App is also complimentary. We offer it free of charge as a free tool for managing your property. Depending on what method they choose, Tenants may elect to pay a small convenience fee over and above the monthly rent.