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you are! (no... seriously)

First of all, congratulations for your investment rental property. It’s something to be very proud of. DOOR is a robust platform built on the principle that you know your property best.

DOOR works thanks to strength in numbers.
DOOR is an owner-driven property administration club.


+ owner-driven

Owners use DOOR to manage their own properties. DOOR becomes their back-office and partner. The owner is still in the driver’s seat, still behind the wheel.

+ property administration

Management is for when you outsource everything. With DOOR, we only do the parts we’re supposed to so that you have more time for the parts you do best.

+ club

A club is an entity made up of individuals with a common interest that act as a group in order to obtain some benefit. Kind of like a collective.


how we partner

Property Administration has many components. See our services for a comprehensive list with more features coming soon. But we’ll give a few examples here of how it will work.


+ the DOOR CLUB app family

DOOR's platform pivots around a custom mobile app family that makes it easy for you to manage your property. The DOOR Landlord App includes helpful property management tools like ability to accept rent and a work order system for your tenants.

+ rent collection

Now you can begin collecting rent through your DOOR Landlord App straight into your bank account. This keeps you more organized and on top of collections with automatic late fees and alerts if they get behind.

Your tenant is happy because…well, who uses checks anymore? There is a record of everything and, with expense tracking features, your tax deductions at the end of the year just got a lot easier. Scotty your CPA is going to be so relieved.

+ maintenance

Through DOOR’s Tenant App, tenants can submit work orders and requests for needed repairs. No more losing track of a text or something getting lost in the shuffle since your tenant called while you were at work. Contractors bid on the maintenance requests which allows you to select a vendor right for your job or compare with someone you've already been using.

DOOR can also include a 24 Hour Maintenance Hotline for emergencies. Finally you can go out of town. Or maybe just get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about your tenant calling to report a burst pipe flooding the downstairs unit. DOOR through its qualified St. Louis vendors will take care of any pre-authorized issue.

Club Members help source, rate and recommend contractors who provided a bid or completed a work order at their property. By this sharing of information and because of strength in numbers, club members can expect contractors to deliver: doing what they said they will do at predictable costs.

This is the power of the CLUB. This keeps you in the driver’s seat.


sounds great but…

Ahh, you’re wondering what the catch is. No catch. Joining DOOR CLUB is free for landlords. Some services may require a one-time deposit.

Check our pricing page for more details.

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